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“Our Team recognizes that the Beaver Valley Lands are a vital part of the Corridor  presenting an opportunity to create a unique space whereby people can Live, Work and Play.”

Our Vision

To re-vitalize, re-envision and re-establish the Beaver Valley Lands as an important destination and an economic driver within Grey Highlands while working with the Community to build upon the Municipality's Vision for the Beaver Valley Corridor.

Grow With Purpose

“The Beaver Valley Corridor, a significant ecological system in the heart of Grey Highlands, will be a model of best practices in sustainable, ecological and environmental pursuits in support of the long-term social, cultural and economic vitality of the community for generations”

The former Talisman Lands are a vital part of the Corridor and offer a unique opportunity to create a truly special amenity and lodging space whereby people can Live, Work and Relax in a setting designated for sustainable growth and surrounded by one of the most beautiful natural settings in the Province.

Who We Are

Leadership Team with decades of experience developing and building master planned communities including residential, commercial, retail and recreation-based developments.   Our Team has worked with organizations in the development of projects across the building spectrum and is focused on creating communities with an emphasis on health and wellness based developments while working with stakeholders to create spaces to work, live and play for residents and visitors.   Leading the project team are: Paul Golini as the Project Lead and Senior Advisor, Paul Mondell as the Head of Development and Planning, Martin Simone as the President and CFO, and Antonio Piazza as the Vice President and  Senior Real Estate Advisor.

Paul Golini

Project Lead & Senior Advisor

Paul Mondell

VP Planning & Development

Martin Simone

President & CFO

Antonio Piazza

VP Real Estate

Guiding Principles


Build much needed infrastructure which will provide economic benefits to not only the area but also provide long-term financial annuity to both levels of government provide much-needed infrastructure improvements to the Beaver Valley

best in class Team

Retain best in class consultation and design professionals to produce leading edge and innovative development concepts that will pave the way to a Council approved master plan

Engage in public consultation

Seek input from the many local constituents and interest groups to produce a master plan That will have “buy in” by the local community as a whole

ecological sustainability

Promote ecological sustainability & innovative green technology

Economic Driver

Reinforce and promote the importance of the Beaver Valley as a strong regional economic driver and tourism destination.

Housing Choices

Provide a mix of housing choices that will appeal to both end users that want to live and play in the area and investor units, with a professionally managed rental program, that will allow the revitalize the Beaver Valley Resort Area and maintain a strong commercial and business presence and Attractive conference destination.

Health & Wellness

Create spaces and places that promote a healthy lifestyle. Incorporate recreational based activities and amenities, agrarian community elements, and create a framework for integration with the natural surroundings.

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