President & CFO

Martin Simone

Over the last 15 years   Martin Simone has been involved in the buying of real estate assets as well as advising on real estate investments. Martin advises on the viability and potential profitability of real estate projects. His clear understanding of real estate financial projects and his ability to break down costs makes him a valuable resource to the industry. Martin works closely with consultants, planners, architects and cost consultants to make sure that real estate projects are viable and profitable. 

His ability to take information and combine it with financial and statistical analysis is a very important part of his expertise. Martin has consulted on over 50 projects and has participated in more than half of them as an active financial participant. He has also consulted with numerous top tier developers on the viability of their projects.

In the past 5 years he has worked closely with Exempt Market dealers and private investors in structuring deals and managing those projects on their behalf. He has gained valuable experience and expertise where he is called upon to manage projects ranging from 5 million to 50 million.

Martin Simone continues to work in the area of real estate and has most recently been appointed President of the progressive development fund.

 He also continues to be called by some of the largest development firms to consult on potential projects and future developments.

Paul Golini

Project Lead & Senior Advisor

Paul Mondell

Planning & Development

Antonio Piazza

VP Real Estate