Most frequently asked questions & answers

The Beaver Valley Development Group
(bvdg.ca) is holding the second Public
Information Session for the planning and
design of their lands. They have retained The
Planning Partnership to lead the initial stage of
the development process. This is the second
of three Information Sessions planned over
the coming months to collaborate with the
community on the directions for development
on these lands.

In this second meeting, The Planning
Partnership will give a presentation providing
an overview of the development process, the
planning context of the lands, what we’ve
heard so far and land use options being
considered. Meeting participants will be invited
to provide their comments on the options.
Please visit bvdg.ca to review the presentation
from the first Information Session. Register to
attend the time that best suits your schedule
by going to beavervalley.eventbrite.ca. The
Kimberley Hall has a 60 person capacity.
For more information, please email

The owners have already been in contact with the owners of the hotel and slope and both have agreed to
work together on preparing a concept plan that addresses all of the lands. The Beaver Valley Development
Group remains responsible for the Upper and Lower parcels.

The Agreement of Purchase and Sale includes a clause with respect to public consultation: Public
Consultation: Westway Capital, upon signing of this Letter of Intent will commit at the time of any offer to
schedule and host, in consultation with the landowners, a  public open house/information session
presenting their plans or vision of the proposed development.”
The Beaver Valley Development Group has agreed to add the engagement planned over the next few
months that is in addition to a public open house/information session to present a plan for the lands
mentioned in the Agreement of Purchase and Sale.

The following link from Grey Highlands, outlines the go to market timeline and process of the Municipality
entering into a joint venture to co-market the properties and invite investment, along with the number of
inquiries.  The Joint Venture with the owners of the hotel and the slope was executed March 8, 2020 and
had been announced originally in December of 2019.     
Additionally, the following is an accounting of the sale process the municipality went through over the last
8 years.

We will seek direction from the Municipality of Grey Highlands with respect to the best way and timing for
the team to meet with Council over the next few months.

At the moment, there is no development concept plan to share. The purpose of this stage of the process is
to prepare concept options that will lead to a concept plan. The options will be based on an understanding
of the planning context and site constraints, as well as input from the Municipality of Grey Highlands, County of Grey, Niagara Escarpment Commission, the Grey-Sauble Conservation Authority, the Community
Reference Group, the public, other community groups, and the team.

Towards the end of November, the team will be holding another round of public engagement to share
early thinking on concept options. The options will illustrate types and distribution of land uses, a road
pattern, access and parking, open space, parks and trails.

After an evaluation of the options, the team will illustrate an emerging preferred option (based on an
evaluation with a variety of inputs). It is anticipated that the emerging preferred option will evolve to
become the concept plan which the developer can then further test for feasibility through a number of
planning, design, environmental, technical and economic lenses.

The Properties at the top and the bottom of Talisman has been purchased by the BVDG, and it is only those Properties which are currently being discussed.   Please click here for a map of the parcels. 

Experienced and award-winning Leadership Team with decades of developing and building master planned communities, recreational/resort developments, multi unit housing, as well as commercial, hotel and retail projects.

Forward thinking in our development strategies, adding value through innovative planning and design solutions, utilizing best practice initiatives in sustainable building while maintaining and respecting the unique character of the community. 

The design will evolve through a collaborative process where municipal staff, councillors, the Niagara Escarpment Commission, Conservation Authority, community/stakeholder groups and the public will be invited to participate.

Public engagement is a key part of the planning process for this site. It will help our team understand community values, concerns and aspirations for the future of the site. Our goal is to maintain open communication with you throughout our development process. As the project evolves, there will be opportunities for the community to provide feedback about the future of the site.

We anticipate developing a design concept through a process with three benchmarks where everyone will be invited to contribute:

October 2022: To establish the fundamental design principles that will form the foundation of options to consider. To ensure a common understanding of existing conditions

Late Fall 2022: To develop concepts illustrating options for the location/form of new buildings, access and green space

Early Winter 2023: To evaluate the options and determine the emerging preferred concept.

Yes. We are working with the Bruce Trail Conservancy to provide publicly accessible trails both within the upper and lower parcels of lands. The intent is to locate a trail within the upper parcel, along the brow of the escarpment and multiple trails within the lower parcel within the environmental lands.

Yes. The development area is very well defined, and our Team will work to incorporate design elements and sustainable best practices to ensure a minimal impact on the natural environment.  

  • Provincial, County and Local policy anticipates and permits a mix of recreational and urban residential uses to support existing recreational areas on the Escarpment.
  • The applicable policy regime requires any proposal for the site to provide a meaningful contribution towards recreational and tourism functions and uses.
  • The current zoning permits a built form typology that does not reflect the ambition and aspirations of the project to better align with Provincial County and Local Policy.
  • The proposal, which will require planning approvals, will help achieve a myriad of objectives related to sustainability, protection of natural, heritage and cultural features, provision of housing, jobs, tourism and recreation and public access.


Please click on the image to view and download a copy of the presentation from the 1st Beaver Valley Development Group, voluntary Community consultation.   

Please click on the image to view and download a copy of the presentation from the Municipality led Beaver Valley Visioning Program.    





Please click on the image to view and download a copy of the “What We Heard” Report based on the first Community Reference Group Sessions as well as follow up interactions with several members of the Community.  

Please click on the image to view and download a copy of the presentation from the latest Community Reference Group Session.   Our vision is beginning to take place, as we improve on our understanding of the opportunities the site presents as well as the limitations regarding servicing and infrastructure.  These limitations are opportunities for improvement which will be led by the Developer in providing much needed funding to the area and its sustainability.